The Top 28 Misty Cosplay

Here is the best pictures of Misty (the girl from Pokemon) you can find on the internet.

It was originally intented to be a top 21, but the list grew over time. The ranking don’t mean much anymore on this article.

I put the original source whenever I could find it, took a while to locate the original since not many people link back to their sources! Contact me to get your link for the missing or wrong credits :)

Number 28

There should be laws against this level of beauty.


(Source: chongbit)

Number 27

I like the dirty look.


(Source: La rebotica)

Number 26

I don’t get the gun part, but the girl…


(Source: Recoilweb)

Number 25

OMG… just OMG…


(Source: imgur)

Number 24

I dig the shy look.


(Source: Dweebette)

Number 23

Very cute:


(Source: The Chives)

Number 22

I love her eyes.


(Source: David Ngo (DTJAAAAM))

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  1. Wow…. Number 2 was hot!!!!

  2. A great list. Not a big fan of the number one but especially 5, 7 and 8 are amazing.

    This girl is also amazing and even a natural redhead:

    • OOOOOHHHH She is so hot. Why is she not in the list?

  3. Number 5: teen Kari Byron?? Also something seems very…off about Number 2. Like it’s either a shop or she’s deformed somehow.

  4. Number 5 and 9. I have absolutely no idea what you see in number 1 :P

  5. Pretty sure #8 is wearing contacts.

  6. I really like your site, thanks for the efforts you put into this.

  7. Number 14 look really mad !!

  8. This is Misty 24. Here’s a better pic xP

    • Thanks for sharing that :-)

  9. Number 6 would definitely be my number 1.

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